My name is Angel, and I am the founder of POOCHUé, a new and emerging dog apparel line that is all about style, luxury, and exclusivity. I was born on the streets of Los Angeles, but my life took a turn for the better when I was rescued by a group of fashion designers. They took me in, raised me in their studio, and taught me everything I know about fashion and design.

Growing up in a designer studio, I quickly developed a taste for the finer things in life. I was surrounded by luxury fabrics, intricate designs, and the latest fashion trends. I became a spoiled rotten dog, but I also knew that I wanted to use my love for fashion to help other dogs look and feel their best.

That's why I started POOCHUé. I wanted to create a dog apparel line that was truly unique and limited edition, made of the finest materials, and expertly crafted to ensure the perfect fit. I wanted to make sure that every dog has the opportunity to look and feel their best, just like I do. POOCHUÉ is chic, high-end and trend focused, and our designs are truly one of a kind.

Now, POOCHUé is just starting out, but I have big dreams for this small business. I want to grow POOCHUé into a recognized and successful brand, known for its exclusivity, luxury, and style. I aspire to become a fashion mogul in the dog apparel industry, and I am determined to make POOCHUé the go-to brand for the most fashionable and stylish dogs out there.